Live Sound Recording

We’re musicians with an ear for tone, we understand what it takes to make your recording sound authentic. We know from experience that vibe is all about spur of the moment, and being ready when it happens. That’s why Higher Ground Rehearsal Studios is available for recording and mixing sessions, pre and post production, photoshoots, interviews, live music recordings, voiceover, private functions, and full studio bookings. We accept mixing session bookings online for our out-of-state and international clients. Please contact us for more information.

What is Live Sound Recording?

Multi-tracked recorded music is massively edited, tweaked and overdubbed in various ways; the band may have never actually played the whole song together from beginning to end in the studio. We believe that what gives a recording it’s flavor is the live performance dynamic, but rarely to venues and concerts provide the opportunity to provide an atmosphere for a well recorded EP, LP or single release. We provide a controlled environment where you can be free to create music to share with the world. You’re expertly mic’ed, dialed in and mixed live in studio with the added benefits of editing and post production. Our turn around time is unmatched and our recording meet the 16 point requirements of streaming platforms like Spotify, Pandora, itunes, Google Play, Tidal and more. 

Record Your Session
We practice here once a week. Jonnah, the owner and operator, is a lovely person that's always friendly and accommodating. Studios are clean, professional, and well kept. Equipment always delivers, and back up gear is available if need be. So worh the price we purchase month by month to save money, knowing we'll be back. Give them your money.
Kyle Meis
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